About Me – A Passionate White Noise Machine Advocat

I am a wife and a mother who has been using white noise machines for over a decade. I am also what you may call the “chairman of the white noise machine fan club” because I am so passionate about these devices. They have had a very positive effect on my life; I’m the first to recommend their use to anyone who even hints at the possibility that they might have trouble sleeping, or who experience any other situation that I suspect could be eased by the use of a white noise machine.

I don’t work for a company that makes white noise machines and I am not a sleep expert, but my own personal experiences with white noise machines and my love for their benefits have led me to create this website. My desire is to share the knowledge of these health-enhancers to others who may be able to benefit by trying them. I use one in my son’s room, I use one in my bedroom, and I never go on an overnight trip without one. I hope you will be able to see the benefits that can be gained from using white noise machines, and to fall in love with them like I did.

Best regards,